The ABEL Group helps to help

Bergwacht Inzell Besser

Donation to the Inzell mountain rescue service

When we received an enquiry from the Inzell Mountain Rescue Service asking whether the ABEL Group could help equip the active emergency services and trainees of the Inzell Mountain Rescue Service with new pulleys for mountain rescue, we immediately gave positive feedback to Wolfgang Fehringer, head of the Inzell Mountain Rescue Service. 

Our donation of € 2,600 enabled 40 rescue workers to be equipped. It is now impossible to imagine mountain rescue without the equipment we purchased. They are light, compact and have a backstop. They were developed for crevasse rescue, for setting up pulleys and for self-rescue. They can also be used as a rope clamp in emergencies. The pulleys are an indispensable part of the Inzell mountain rescue team's equipment. Their versatility and reliability make them an important aid in mountain rescue operations. 

At the cheque presentation, Richard Heidenecker (left), Managing Director of ABEL Mobilfunk, and Roland Huber (right), Managing Director of ABEL ReTec, thanked Wolfgang Fehringer (centre) for the work of his team and emphasised the importance of the commitment and voluntary work of the mountain rescue service.