Generous donation to AWO Trostberg

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The ABEL Group is actively involved in social projects: Trostberg handicraft club

Engelsberg, 18.02.24/EL: The ABEL Group recently presented a donation of 1,000 euros to the Trostberg Workers' Welfare Association (AWO). The amount is specifically earmarked for the newly established "handicraft club" in order to familiarise the children cared for there with manual skills and the subject of electronics.


For children's creative approach to electronics


The handicraft club takes place fortnightly on Friday afternoons and offers around eight children from the third grade upwards the opportunity to understand electronics and develop their manual skills under the guidance of experienced pensioners from the Trostberg repair café. Stefan Schirm, head of the repair café, explains how important it is to offer young children creative opportunities to understand technology and electronics at an early age, which will also benefit them later in their careers.


Highly valued voluntary work



Sebastian Spiel, Head of Training at the ABEL Group, presented the donation to Stefan Schirm and the representatives of AWO Trostberg, Karina Nikolaus and Philip Teufel. Spiel emphasised how important it is to support such projects as a company and highlighted the appreciation for the voluntary work. Stefan Schirm explained that the donation will enable the purchase of high-quality tools and corresponding toolboxes for the children.


Magical in the truest sense of the word


The project has already got off to a successful start. The children were presented with their high-quality tools and were very proud of their first self-made model, a magic ball. Gabi Muthmann, head of the AWO school childcare centre, reports enthusiastically on the positive response from the children, who not only have fun but also learn important life skills. The ABEL Group's generous donation thus actively contributes to the promotion of education and creative development. We are delighted to be able to provide support here too.