The company history of ABEL Gruppe

ABEL Gruppe: in more than 100 years from electrical engineering to future-oriented technologies

How do you turn a one-man electrical company at the heart of Upper Bavaria into a Germany-wide technology company with over 700 internal and external staff members? In hindsight it was a consistent path the family company took since its founding year 1912. Much may have changed in the meantime, but the company's values have remained the same - as well as its passion and pioneer spirit. Company founder Dominikus Abel and his son, Hermann Abel I., brought electricity to the region and supplied customers with electricity and electrical appliances. The development into a transregional company came when Hermann Abel II. took over the company in 1968. Together with his brother Walter he shifted the company's focus to radio technology and soon turned ABEL into the market leader in Southeast Bavaria. Since 1993, ABEL has been concentrating on services for radio access networks and electrical engineering, acquiring competence in automation technology for commercial and industrial applications, building services engineering, as well as power engineering and energy supplies. In 2002 ABEL expanded its portfolio to include photovoltaics and biogas plants.

Dominikus Abel

In 1912, at the age of 27 years, Dominikus Abel founds his electrical installation enterprise in Engelsberg.

ABEL Wohn- und Geschäftshaus in der Garchinger Straße in Engelsberg

Dominikus Abel builds a residential and office building at Garchinger Strasse in Engelsberg opening an automotive repair shop next to the electrical shop.

Hermann Abel I

The company is taken over by his son Hermann Abel I. and the electrical shop is expanded to include a specialized radio and television retail shop. As technical director of the E-cooperative, Hermann Abel senior actively promoted the electrification of Engelsberg.

Hermann Alfons Abel

Hermann Abel II. takes over the electrical, radio and television company.

Hermann Abel II und sein Bruder Walter

Hermann Abel II and his brother Walter expand the company to include specialized radio technology.

ABEL Elektrotechnik Standort in Engelsberg

Transfer of the company to Babinger Hof as the new operational facility.

ABEL Mobilfunkanlage auf der Zugspitze

ABEL Company is expanded to include services in the radio access sector.


Hermann Abel II. transfers management of the company to the fourth generation.

alter ABEL Elektrotechnik Standort

ABEL Elektrotechnik becomes an independent company. The company takes up its operations in the regenerative energies sector (planning and construction).

Abel Mobilfunk Gebäude

Founding of ABEL Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG as an independent company. The company takes up its activities in the regenerative energies sector (project development).

Autoflotte ABEL mobilfunk Roedermark

Founding of the ABEL Mobilfunk office Rhein-Main in Rödermark.

ABEL Retec Gebäude

Founding of ABEL ReTec GmbH & Co. KG for concentration of all activities in the regenerative energies sector within ABEL Gruppe.

ABEL Energiepark GmbH in Mammendorf

Founding of ABEL Energiepark GmbH for operation of company-owned plants (photovoltaics and biogas).